In the fast paced world in which we live, there is an ever increasing desire for effective relaxation to counter the  pressures  of our profession and the accompanying levels of stress. With less time available  for self-renewal,  we  tend to seek  short-term respites to re-charge ourselves, and to  regain  our lost energy.
In such instances, it is only natural that  we tend to be beckoned by places where  we  can achieve a total personal makeover that addresses the delicate condition of our mind, body and soul - a  place that offers internal and  external  rejuvenation,  providing a total comeback with increased physical  and moral strength into our daily lives. It is in this context that the very name “Araamu” in the local Dhivehi language which literally means “relaxing” becomes very significant.
Araamu Spa's  strengths  lie in the breathtakingly serene and  tranquil  surroundings, and the nature based treatments for our discerning guests. The  treatment concept has been time tested and most caringly cultivated and focussed to suit the resort settings, with  outstanding  service and specialized know how – all these to exceed the expectations of our deserving clientele.